How does it work?

Fast Plotting: Up to 30x faster than an entry-level PC

Plotting takes a relatively long time and requires an optimal mix of available CPU Cores, Memory, and expensive SSD Disks. Instead of investing in a Plotter machine that you may not need once your plotting has been completed, we will do the plotting for you.

Step 1. Just order your plots online with two public keys.

Step 2. Send us the hard drive or let us purchase it for you.

Step 3.  Plug the hard drive in your chia farming machine. Then done! 

Image by Harrison Broadbent

Is it secure?

Yes, we do not need to know your Chia Secret Key.

Using your “Farmer Public Key” (farmer_pk) and “Pool Public Key” (pool_pk) we can create plots that will work with your Chia Secret Key once you get the hard drives back.

See the FAQ for instructions on how to find your Public Keys.


The deliver is fast and price is good

Hugh Hamilton

You guys fill my 18TB hard drive in one day. Nice!

Sergio Rivas

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